Model United Nations

On Sunday 4 February, ten budding politics enthusiasts from the Lower Sixth participated in a one day Model United Nations conference at Bristol Grammar School. These students had the opportunity to represent the beliefs and political objectives of Russia, Italy and Angola, preparing United Nations resolutions on topics from the subjugation of women and LGBTQ+ rights to integrating refugees and the issue of human rights in detention centres. These resolutions were then subject to rigorous scrutiny from delegates of other member nations. 

This experience forced our students to put their own views, upbringing, faith and culture to one side and adopt the identity of a foreign country. This proved to be both a challenging and enriching experience that certainly took students out of their comfort zone whilst testing their ability to emphasise, debate and think critically. Particular congratulations must go to Rian Wilson whose resolution was successfully passed! No doubt we will see these students representing the United Kingdom at the United Nations in the future!

Our thanks to Mrs Wilson-Brown for organising.