Michaelmas Term Highlights and Academic Prizes

Our last whole school assembly for 2018 was taken by Mrs Forshaw, who reminded the congregation of the true meaning of Christmas and the gifts we receive. Like some Christmas presents, some of our students gifts and talents may be easily recognisable, whilst others may take some time to unwrap before they are revealed. 'Even those talents and gfts we may assume to be small and insignificant can emerge to be the most beautiful and valuable.' 

This term has seen many talents, here are just a few of the highlights: 

-The English and History departments collaboration on the creative writing competition, 'War and Peace'.
-L5 and U5's outstanding production of DNA. 
-Sky (L5) scored an impressive 98% in his Grade 5 Music Theory exam. 
-Over 100 performers from L3 to U6 sang in the recent Wassail concert. 
-PPC MFL students in the top ten on a weekly basis on the 'This Is Language' leaderboards (out of 700 schools). 
-EAL students introducing us to food, music, dance and culture of their homelands through Spanish, Mexican and Russian weeks. 
-Baines debating competition. 
-Daisy (U6) promoting the importance of political participation in campaigning for the Youth Parliament. 
-Baines and Brownlow HATS society have explored Forensic Science, Literature, WWI. 
-Sam (U6) and Vincent (U5) both awarded Gold certificates in the Senior Mathematical Challenge (80,000 entrants with the top 10% awarded gold) and invited to take part in the prestigious Kangaroo Challenge.

Mrs Forshaw also announced the winners of this term's Academic Prizes, awarded for pupil effort.

 L3: Reuben Lewis and Martha Dutton 

 F3: Honey Hamilton and Archie Hally 

 F4: Abi jones, Ben Humphries and Annabel Ney 

 L5: Sebastian Morley, Will Butters and Louis Woght 

 U5: Hannah Bank, Hero Murphy and Matthew Streets 

 L6: Issac Song, thomas Downes and Tuffic Haddad 

 U6: Louisa Tobin, Patch Manovilas and Greg Harden