Maths Inspiration

Our U5 top set mathematics students had a challenging afternoon at The Forum on Friday, as they visited 'Maths Inspiration.' 

U5-U6 pupils from local schools attended the fun event and learnt about the maths behind puzzles, forces in circular motion and gambling!

The speakers included puzzle author Alex Bellos, who challenged the audience with some of his favourite maths and logic brainteasers from down the ages; Hugh Hunt from Cambridge University Engineering Dept who demonstrated the mechanics of lots of spinning things (think wall of death, ice skaters and boomerangs); and Uni of Bath's Ben Sparks, who dissected the Sting song, Shape of My Heart, about a gambler finding beauty in the “hidden laws” of probability that govern poker. 

For a flavour of the event, test yourself on the puzzles below.

Our thanks to Mr Ewins and Mr Elliot for running this trip.