International Student Voice Competition 2018

November always heralds one of the highlights on the EAL calendar: International Student Voice. This annual competition, held between five independent schools in Bath, showcases the public speaking talents of students working in a second language. To be eligible to participate, speakers must have had no more than two years of education in English. This year the competition took place at the Royal High School. The standard was extremely high, and the range of topics was very wide.

We learned about the difference between school in Russia and Britain, the importance of protecting endangered animals, an introduction to Plato, as well as an international perspective on breakfast and the Japanese concept of ikigai.

In the junior competition, Prior Park’s Ana Teresa Madrigal won second prize with her well researched speech about the dangers of smoking. First prize went to a speech about the importance of being able to say no politely.

The senior competition saw excellent speeches from two Prior Park sixth formers. Anna Motylova spoke passionately about the need for commitment in a world in which people are increasingly tempted to keep changing their mind. Marianthi Grohmann delivered an excellent talk on the importance of effective communication. In the end, first prize went to a speech on the zero waste movement.

Our congratulations to all three speakers. They were exceptional ambassadors for Prior Park. Special mention to the support they received from their friends who accompanied them to sit in the audience and ask questions. Well done everyone.