International Student Voice Competition

Prior Park was well represented at the annual International Student Voice competition last night. The venue this year was Kingswood, and after a welcome from their Headmaster, the Junior competition got underway. 

The topics were wide-ranging and enthusiastically delivered. Amongst others, we had a description of being the first boarders in a newly established boarding house, culture shock on arrival in the UK from Angola, and what we can learn from anime. Nerea Iriso (F4 St.Mary’s) spoke fluently and passionately about overcoming Mexican Stereotypes, and Vincent Wang (L5 Allen) impressed us all with his historical research and confident delivery in his talk on the history and naming of Bath. The prize eventually went to a talk about ‘curvy' model Ashley Graham. 

The standard went even higher in the senior competition, with several students choosing literary themes, and it was particularly nice to hear a Russian boy in a British school singing the praises of a Columbian novel, Garcia Marquez' 100 Years of Solitude. First prize went to a very engaging speech on the tidiness of the Japanese compared with the British. Our very own Patch Manovilas (L6 Roche) was awarded second prize with his thought-provoking discourse on artificial intelligence.