F4 Academic Scholars Outing

“I think his name should be Christopher. Christopher Bacon. Christopher Peter Bacon” he paused – “do you get it miss?” I rolled my eyes and groaned but inside I really was quite impressed at the ingenuity.

The F4 Academic Scholars were having afternoon tea after an enjoyable but taxing hour (well 56mins 23 seconds) of problem solving at escape4fun on Weston High Street

Alex our host had put the students through their paces with puzzles to test multiple intelligences. They used algebra, spatial awareness, mental agility and team work, amongst other skills, to complete complex puzzles to ‘free the flying pig’. No phones or google allowed! Although there was digital pen and paper.

Each individual played their part and whilst they were unable to beat my own team’s time (thank goodness!) they did escape in under an hour and thus won their very own team mascot; the afore mentioned, cleverly monikered pig. The students were a pleasure to spend time with and I look forward to future outings with them and other groups of scholars as the year progresses.

By Mrs Stotesbury, Deputy Head Academic