Cambridge Chemistry Lower 6th Challenge 2018

It is reported that the world’s first trillionnaire will be the person who is first to mine precious metals from an asteroid. The desire for safe, cheap artificial sweeteners which give sweetness without calories is a pressing problem for food manufacturers. And with the summer holidays upon us, I am sure we all want to know (maybe we don’t!) how much wee there is in the swimming pools we use. These three issues were dealt with in the Cambridge Chemistry Lower 6th Challenge this year. 

Ambitious chemists were put in situations they had not seen before, and their approach to problem solving scrutinised. Nationwide, 8000 students felt they were up to the challenge, and we were amongst them. Five of our students picked up awards in this competition. Ada Zhen, Yuhan Zhang, Patch Manolivas and Nigel Chu all scored Copper Certificates (this is Chemistry, after all!), while Sam Lawton was in the top 8% of students nationwide, achieving a Gold award.

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