Sixth form

6th Form General Studies: A Talk by Caryn Franklin MBE

Caryn Franklin MBE attended the 6th Form General Studies lesson yesterday afternoon and gave a fascinating talk that covered Appearance and Objectification, Diversity and Inspiration. Caryn has been a commentator on fashion, image and identity politics for nearly 35 years.

Caryn believes that sixth form is the right time to begin 'a lifelong journey of valuing ourselves', and referenced the beliefs that girls are evaluated by their appearance (85% of girls believe no matter how clever they are they will be judged on appearance) and boys feel it is not ok to have vulnerabilities or anxieties.

By challenging the limited body ideals in our mainstream media and using more diverse models, Caryn believes the mental health of society will be improved. In the fashion industry, she campaigns for older models or models with physical disabilities to be included. By including diversity, Caryn believes it helps the wider society accept 'who you are.'

Caryn suggested that sixth form is the time to 'embrace your own point of view and make things happen on your own terms.' Her concluding slide encouraged our students to 'Inspire people with your story. You are amazing!' A statement we fully endorse.