Head of Department – Mr David Lee

Philosophy is great because it allows us to take time to ask the kind of questions that might be considered annoying in any other context. But, annoying as they might be because the answers aren’t straightforward, it is important to ask them. For example, we ask: What is truth? Do we know that objects exist when we are not perceiving them? Does the sheer quantity of pointless suffering in the world call God’s existence into question? Is there anything that is simply right or wrong? Are the mind and the brain the same? If we don’t ask them, then answers will be assumed or taken as obvious, and we all know that untreated assumptions can turn nasty.

Philosophy at Prior Park is fun because it is challenging. We discuss all the time, we debate most of the time and we even argue sometimes. But this is what education is all about, isn’t it? Oh, and you write some essays, too.

Almost by definition, Philosophy stretches everyone who engages in it. It is an activity rather than a body of knowledge, so it suits those who are willing and able to challenge their own ideas and beliefs and who are open to the possibility that they might be wrong. You will be encouraged to read and think and discuss beyond the specification and lunch time sessions will be put on for those who want to go further.