Head of Department – Mr Chris Bartlett

History Teachers:
Mrs Lindsay Bryant
Dr James Blackwell
Mr Simon Cane-Hardy

To not to know what happened in former times is to continue always a child. Cicero

History is not just about learning dates, but develops a pupil’s ability to think logically, debate and discuss rationally, be creative and sharpen their literacy.

History is highly rewarding. It is the study of significant historical developments over a period of time, and the study in depth, of a period of major historical change or development and associated primary evidence. Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to have their own opinions.

Teaching methods within our department are wide ranging and dependent on the topic material. Activities include card sorts, analysis tables, ‘quiz-quiz trade’, lotus video sheets, living graphs, crosswords and word searches. There are also regular debates and presentations that enable students to grapple with controversial issues that they study in History and demonstrate the strength of their own arguments.

The History Department offers opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom. In recent years, L3 pupils have visited Chepstow Castle; U5 pupils have helped to put Hitler on Trial; L6 pupils have attended the Chalke Valley History Festival, which includes inspiring and thought provoking lectures from leading historians such as Dan Snow, Tony Badger and Dominic Sandbook; U6 have attended Civil Rights lectures by Dr Malcolm McLaughlin and Dr Peter Ling. There is also an opportunity for Sixth Form students to submit entries for the Julia Wood Prize, St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford.

The Department also runs educational trips, such as this recent one to Krakow: