Art & Photography

Head of Department – Ms Stephanie Seville

Art and Photography Teachers:
Ms Emily West
Mr Jonathan Richards

Art Technicians:
Ms Kim Underwood
Mrs Anna Hudson

Prior Park has an enviable reputation for the quality of visual art. Students regularly gain entry to prestigious art colleges and the quality and ambition of the work they produce speaks for itself.

Our aim is to provide a rich forum for creative learning and cultural understanding. Lessons balance skill-building with self-directed learning to facilitate creative independence and personal growth.

The range of media available within the department is extremely wide, from painting to sculptural processes to chemical photography and digital media.  However, students’ work is often driven by their own ideas and interests; the facilities enable them to move between media, wherever their creative journey takes them.

During their time within the art and photography departments, students have opportunities to work from direct observation and their imagination, in two and three dimensions, in traditional and lens-based media, individually and collaboratively. The teaching of visual literacy is supported through reflection and analysis of art and design in relation to cultural, historical and philosophical contexts.

The refurbished Creative Design Centre was recently opened by Sir Christopher Frayling. Taking over the entire first floor of our St Peter’s building, the Centre provides a stimulating, light and airy space in which our artists can learn, create and explore.