Value Added League Tables

From the Headmaster

League tables remain a controversial topic, annually debated in the press and amongst educationalists.Whilst comprehensive publication of public examination performance is essential for any school, the value of league tables is questionable when so often statistics are not fully inclusive of all data, such as IGCSE.We are currently in a state of flux in the United Kingdom with many new qualifications and grading measures being introduced.Some of these are not fully understood or represented; over the past few years the nationally and locally published league tables have shown Prior Park College, along with other similar independent schools, with a 0% pass rate - this is because the government does not recognise IGCSEs, which our students sit and, in fact, the real figure is 97%.In light of this ‘turbulence’ in terms of new examinations and new assessment criteria, it makes sense to see how these shake down before committing to any new league table format.

For this reason, as well as others, we have joined a significant and growing number of leading schools across the country, (Eton, Winchester and Sherborne to name just three), who have opted out of the tables over the past decade. We are very proud of our results and they are openly available here on our website and in our literature for your perusal.

Every year we proudly accept students with a range of abilities and this is in line with our ethos.We do extremely well, year-on-year, with very able students (11 students have submitted Oxbridge applications in 2015), mid-ability students as well as those who need support in their learning and yet this is not reflected in the league tables.We would want to be part of a Value Added League Table system with rankings based on the raw predictions of where students start from compared with final outcome achieved: we would be very highly placed in this table with the positive results achieved through the hard work of the students and the quality, dedication and inspiration of the College’s teaching staff.