Inspections & Reports

External Inspections and Reports will give you a wider vision of the College. These inspection reports are written objectively for parents, with no influence from the College in their content. We are happy to provide these reports here, so you can review for yourself the values and assets of the College, outlined by educational specialists and assessors.

ISI Inspection Report

The College received an 'outstanding in all areas' for its November 2011 ISI Inspection Report. Please read some excerpts below, and download the whole document by clicking the file on the right of this page.

"Prior Park College is outstandingly successful in achieving its aims. The college's ethos is rooted in the best traditions of Catholic education and redolent of aspiration for the highest standards in academic endeavour and in every area of young people's skills and talents."

"(This) academic success is underpinned by teaching that is excellent overall, and by stalwart effort that the college has inculcated on the part of the pupils."

"Pupils' personal development is of the highest quality. Behaviour at virtually all times is exemplary. Pupils take pride in their demeanour, their dedication to earnest academic effort and their care and consideration for others."

"The spiritual life of the college is very strong and pupils appreciate the many opportunities for calm and reflection."

"In sporting activities, outdoor pursuits and in areas such as music and the arts, pupils strive tirelessly for excellence and reach very high standards."

ISI Boarding Inspection Report

The report from our recent Boarding Standards Inspection is now available to view or download on the right. As you will see, this ‘Interim report’ is about meeting the National Minimum Standards for boarding and hence the language used is prosaic, rather than fanciful. However, the important fact is that we have met every standard and the experienced inspectors were most complimentary about our boarding community and the many colleagues who work so hard to make it a safe and happy environment for our students - a home from home. You will be pleased to know that our Prep school in Cricklade also met all standards in their inspection, which occurred at the same time.

Full content is available to download on the right hand side of this page.

The Good Schools' Guide Review

The Good Schools' Guide recently gave Prior Park College a glowing review. Please find a short excerpt below, and click on the link below to view the whole document.

'Confident in its Catholic values, happy in its own skin and distinctive in its commitment to a genuinely all-round education, this is a school which inspires esteem and affection in equal measure.'

See the latest report here: Prior Park College Good Schools Guide Report

OFSTED Inspection Report

Prior Park College received an 'outstanding' report from Ofsted following an inspection in December 2009.

To give you some context here are the inspection judgements and what they mean: Outstanding - this aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality. Good - this aspect of the provision is strong. Satisfactory - this aspect of the provision is sound. Inadequate - this aspect of the provision is not good enough.

And here are our Inspection Results:
Helping children to be healthy - Outstanding.
Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe - Outstanding.
Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do - Outstanding.
Helping children make a positive contribution - Outstanding.
Achieving economic wellbeing - Good.
Organisation - Outstanding.

To read the full 'Social Care Report' please download the pdf file on the right of this page.